A Good GM Application (Made by Anthony)

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A Good GM Application (Made by Anthony)

Post  Anthony on Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:12 am

IGN : Anthony
Name : Anthony *Last Name*
Age : 13
TimeZone : PST ( Pacific Standard Time )

Personal Information : I am 13 and I love gaming! *Etc Talking about gaming*

Experienced? Yes, I have been a GM at AreaMS (<~ Server name you have been a GM on)
Negative/Positive Qualities?
Negative : I kind of get angry easily....
Positive : I'm nice and I hang around!

If you stumble across a hacker, which isn't a GM, what will you do? (Steps)

1) I would of course screenshot!
2) Contact a GM!
3) Etc

What will you do for the server?
Of course I will look out for hackers. I will also help the admin/GMs if I'm needed. I'll be there in an instant!

Add some more questions for better chances! Must be you/GM related! Do NOT! copy this application. If you do, then we will give you a strike/and or/ punishment!



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