Sean's GM APP!!!(redo)

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Sean's GM APP!!!(redo)

Post  sean7640 on Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:19 am

IGN(in game name):Sean

Name(real life name):Sean K.


GM experience(this will not effect your becoming GM):I have been a GM on 4 private servers

Coding experience:i know most GM codes

Your pros/cons(list both):Pros: {can play and 5 days of the week, is experianced as gm and as player} cons: {is still kind of young and has alot of homewoork sometimes}

How can you help the server:i will ban any hackers or players putting down other players, ksing, and being mean to everyone.

What do you believe makes a good GM: I think being a good GM is to band hackers when seen or alerted and not using your powere to threaten to band other users.

How can we know we can trust you: I have never hacked in my life. My friend EpikHigh (Matt) has never either. We are just 2 seventh graders lokking to have some fun.

Handling hackers(important)

1) What will you do if you spot someone hacking? If I spot someone hacking, i will ask other people in the area (if any) how long and how this person was hacking. Once I get the right information i will ban the hacker at once.

2) If someone reports a hacker what will you do? List steps to make it clear.1)I will ask the person who reported the hacker what the hackers name was, what the looked like, and how they were hacking.

3) What will you do if the hacker is your friend in RL? If the hacker is my friend in real life i would have to ban them anyways. The next time i see them in real life i will kick their ass (literally). Plus, the only 2 people i know in real life are EpikHigh and TheNameIsNick.


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Re: Sean's GM APP!!!(redo)

Post  Anthony on Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:28 am

Uh.. Coding means Making NPCS and adding commands, Not GM codes
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Re: Sean's GM APP!!!(redo)

Post  Kyo on Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:28 am

Coding experience doesn't refer to GM coders , it's talking about C++ .


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your mark

Post  hope on Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:44 pm

Well the right answer for the hacking question is ban immediently or screen shot and show to a lv3+ GM. What should I say... You and your friend's app are very alike... You both need to pay more attension to some good apps like Kazey's or Apil's and see what they have done.


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Re: Sean's GM APP!!!(redo)

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