GM app for Fallen (typo)

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GM app for Fallen (typo)

Post  Fallen. on Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:06 am

IGN(in game name): Fallen

Name(real life name):Chris


GM experience(this will not effect your becoming GM):I've never been one, but i hope this will be my first time

Coding experience: not a coder but i have a lot of ideas for coding, thus i can talk to the main coders and tell them what to do

Your pros/cons(list both):pro-I'm really friendly. I help new comers who have just started (when i played other servers) I'm really help full too. Cons- i may be a little inactive on the weekdays but i usually play on the weekends.

How can you help the server: Like I've said to Anthony ill really help out with the structure of this server and help it be a pro server. i have many idea u would like.

What do you believe makes a good GM:my Friendliness and helpfulness

How can we know we can trust you:
I don't hack. I'm reliable with any rare things if u wanna transfer it to another character. im really trustworthy

Handling hackers(important)

1) What will you do if you spot someone hacking?
I'll say wtf r u doing disrespecting this server?!
ill ask him some questions Then ill jail him For 24 hours if its not reasonable.

2) If someone reports a hacker what will you do? List steps to make it clear.
Go to the hacker. see wat he's doin
if he is hacking any any level its a ban foreva. hackers DONT (srry last one said -Do-) deserve to play a private server.Dont w8ste our time hackers cuz ill get yah

3) What will you do if the hacker is your friend in RL? Even better. Ill easily stalk him and ban him, but i would never have any hacker friends tho. It doesn't really bother me if i ban my friend(real or not)
a GM has to do what they do


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